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Neighbourhood Area application published today

Our Neighbourhood Area application has been published today (27 July 2015) on the NuLBC website and can be seen here:

Public consultation on the appropriateness of the area to be designated as such starts today and will run until 24 August. Representations (comments) can be sent to

Following the public consultation the Planning Department will report to the 16 September meeting of Cabinet, where we hope that the application will be approved, enabling us to begin formal work on our plan.

In a message to us dated 3rd July Helen Beech from the NuLBC wrote:

“The regulations state that a council must publicise a Neighbourhood Plan Area application from a relevant body as soon as possible after submission. The length of consultation however differs depending on the type of application. It is our view that the joint application covering the three parishes should be treated in the same manner as an application for a whole parish area from a single parish council, in which case the public consultation period would be for a maximum of four weeks. In such circumstance the borough council would be required to make a decision eight weeks from the start of the consultation period. With this in mind we are likely to consult on the Neighbourhood Area w/c 27 July ending Monday 24 August with a view to taking a report on the application and the outcome of the public consultation to the 16 September Cabinet meeting.

I hope the above clarifies our position so that it will be possible for the council to act expediently once the application has been submitted.”

We can therefore expect the application to be publicised on the NuLBC website during the week commencing 27 July.

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