Monthly Archives: October 2015

Update for Parish Councils

The Steering Group held a meeting at Maer Village Hall on 15 October to which members of Chapel & Hill Chorlton, Maer & Aston and Whitmore Parish Councils were invited. Members of the Steering Group also attended.

The meeting was expertly organised and run by Richard and Sue, who presented an update on progress so far and gave a preview of the Roadshow events planned for five locations in the Neighbourhood Area in late November and early December.

The Roadshows are interactive events in which issues regarding the development of the Neighbourhood are opened up for discussion with the audience. The meeting gave Parish Councillors a taste of the planned events and allowed Steering Group members an opportunity to test the Roadshow format.

Neighbourhood Area designated

Our Neighbourhood Area, comprising the three parishes of Chapel & Hill Chorlton, Maer & Aston and Whitmore was formally designated by the Cabinet of Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council at its meeting on 16 September 2015. Please seeĀ  the Borough’s website for further information.

This means that we can now formally start work on the Neighbourhood Development Plan. Although the Neighbourhood Plan Group had already held a few meetings informally, the it held its first formal meeting on Tuesday 29 September.

The Neighbourhood Plan Group meets on the 4th Tuesday of each month in Whitmore Village Hall. Meetings start at 7.15pm and are open to the public. Please come along to ask questions, contribute your views or just learn what is happening!