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Commenting on the Joint Local Plan

The consultation on the Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-under-Lyme Joint Local Plan Issues has been running since 15 February and is due to close on 29 March.

The Steering Group decided that it was neccesary to respond to the consultation. To say that the prospect was daunting would be a colossal understatment. We made the task a little easier by divvying the work up and each reviewing two of the eight topics.

When we had written up our comments these were circulated among the group and we then met a few days later to review the results and compile our general remarks.

Our response to the consultation was submitted electronically on 25 March and a printed copy will be hand delivered to the Civic Offices after the Easter holiday, on 29 March.

The links below will take you to our response documents.

General remarks
1 Housing
2 Economy
3 City, Towns and other Centres
4 Transport
5 Health and Communities
6 Heritage
7 Natural and Rural Environment
8 Energy and Climate change

The Joint Local Plan Issues consultation can be read here.
The supporting evidence for the Joint Local Plan Issues consultation can be read here.

Funding the Plan

Neighbourhood Planning is receiving a lot of support from the government, including financial and technical support. This support is being administered on behalf of the government by Locality.

In most instances a maximum of £8000 of funding is awarded to each Neighbourhood Plan group. In our instance, we qualify for extra support because our Neighbourhood Area comprises three parishes and is a ‘complex’ area. The maximum amount of funding that we can receive is £14000.

Our first grant application, for £1500, was used print leaflets for the neighbourhood-wide leaflet drop in March, to prepare materials for the Information Day, to print the roadside banners that are now displayed around the Neighbourhood Area and to print invitations for an event that will be held at Baldwins Gate school on 13 April. We did not use up all of the grant and the remaining funds must be returned to Locality. However, at the start of the new financial year we will be able to make a new application for funding for the next stages of the work.

Our first application for technical support was approved recently. We will receive professional assistance to prepare a Housing Needs Assessment for the Neighbourhood Area. This work will start soon.