Introducing Our Planning Consultant

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Miss Hannah Barter of Urban Vision Enterprise CIC as Planning Consultant for the Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Hannah has lived in Staffordshire for 14 years and has a wealth of experience with Neighbourhood Planning. Hannah is the consultant for a number of other Neighbourhood Plans in North Staffordshire, including Stone and Barlaston. She is also involved with Neighbourhood Plans in other parts of the country, including as far south as Portsmouth.

Hannah is a director of Urban Vision, which is based in Leek. As well as working with Neighbourhood Planning groups, Urban Vision is closely involved in providing support to Locality, the organisation that is running the Neighbourhood Planning programme on behalf of the government. Hannah’s co-director at Urban Vision, Dave Chetwyn, is the consultant for the Loggerheads Neighbourhood Plan.

Hannah will provide advice to the Steering Group and, as the work progresses, will assist with the all-important work of drafting the policies of the Plan. Her work will be funded by the government grant that is supporting our Neighbourhood Plan.

We look forward to working with Hannah and to making progress under her expert guidance.