Residential Planning Permissions Granted since January 2013

Residential planning permissions granted in Chapel and Hill Chorlton, Maer and Aston, and Whitmore Parishes Neighbourhood Area since 1 January 2013

The time period of the Neighbourhood Development Plan is 2013-2033. The links in the following list will take you to the planning application documents on the Newcastle-under-Lyme planning website of all applications that have been granted since the beginning of the period.

Application Parish No. of dwellings
12/00301/FUL Whitmore (34 Eastwood Rise, Madeley Park Wood) 1
13/00523/FUL Whitmore (Shut Lane) 1
13/00599/FUL Maer (Blackbrook) 1
14/00654/OUT Whitmore (Coneygreave Lane) 4
14/00669/FUL Maer (Aston) 1
15/00134/FUL Whitmore (Shut Lane) 1
15/00238/COUNOT Whitmore (Acton) 1
15/00281/FUL Whitmore (Birch Tree Lane, Whitmore Heath) 1
15/00294/REM Whitmore (Watering Close, Baldwins Gate) 4
15/00319/FUL Chorlton (Moss Lane, Baldwins Gate) 1
15/00376/FUL Whitmore (Park Wood) 1
15/00541/OUT Whitmore (Fair-Green Road, Baldwins Gate) 2
15/00878/FUL Chorlton (Haddon Lane) 1
15/01140/FUL Chorlton (Swinchurch) 1
16/00066/FUL Maer (Aston) 2
16/00080/ELD Whitmore (Trentham Road) 1
16/00577/COUNOT Whitmore (Trentham Road) 1
16/00609/FUL Whitmore (Sheet Anchor site, Baldwins Gate) 7
16/00676/REM Whitmore (Gateway Avenue, Baldwins Gate) 109
16/00962/COU Maer (Aston) 1
 16/00986/FUL  Whitmore (A53, Baldwins Gate) 1
 16/01064/FUL  Whitmore (A53, Baldwins Gate) 2
 17/00231/FUL (change of use)  Maer (Blackbrook)  1
Total 146