Planning Applications and Proposals since 2012

The Neighbourhood Area has seen a number of planning applications and proposals for development since 2012.

For a list of all residential developments in the Neighbourhood Area that have been approved since the beginning of 2013, the starting date of the Plan, see here.

Because it is the stated position of the Borough Council that it cannot demonstrate a five-year supply of housing land its housing policy H1, “Residential development: sustainable location and protection of the countryside”, which restricts residential development in rural locations to sites such as within the village envelope of Baldwins Gate, can no longer be applied.

A site that is outside a village envelope is said to be “in the open countryside”.

Most notable of the proposals affecting our Neighbourhood Area are those for major developments on sites outside the village envelope of Baldwins Gate: (1) off Gateway Avenue (109 dwellings, development commenced November 2016) and (2) off Meadow Way (99 dwellings, application submitted December 2016).

Other, smaller applications for sites outside the village envelope or in the open countryside have been on land off Watering Close, Baldwins Gate (4 dwellings); on land at Farcroft, Manor Road (3 dwellings), on land adjacent to Slaters, Hill Chorlton (8 dwellings), and on land opposite Maerfield Gate Farm (2 dwellings). You can read further about these proposals and applications by following the links below.

Land off Gateway Avenue (permission granted)
Land off Meadow Way (application submitted December 2016)
Land off Watering Close (permission granted)
Farcroft, Manor Road (refused at appeal)
Land adjacent to Slaters, Hill Chorlton (refused at appeal)
Land opposite Maerfield Gate Farm (appeal in progress)